Boarding House near Bucegi Natural Park, Team Building, Training

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Moroieni, Dobresti Village  
Dambovita County  

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   Team Building and not only...

Why Naparis?
Far from the agitation of the resorts, a lecture room with 30 seats, screen, video projector and flipchart is a very good solution for you to focus on the training program, without being faced with other temptations but the extraordinary outdoor exercises, possible due to the fortunate placement in a special scenery: forest with countless routes, Ialomita river with its opportunities, Bucegi Natural Park with its unique reservations. But let’s let the trainers elaborate the program!
We will provide you with a well deserved coffee break with homemade pastry, as well as the logistics you need for the outdoor...
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Naparis   Naparis   Naparis   Naparis

   Naparis Boarding House

Naparis ... that is how the Getae called Ialomita, the river running in the vicinity of our boarding house, after crossing Bucegi Natural Park (3d map), the neighbor we are so proud of. We have chosen this location in order to be as close as possible to one of the most beautiful natural reservations in Europe, location where, if you want to see animals in their natural habitat, all you have to do is get on an off-road vehicle and wander the Park in quest for the wild life. Also, if you want to penetrate the secrets of the mythic land of the Dacians, with its quiet lakes and rocks challenging you with their weird shapes, you can do this walking, by bike, by ATV or, why not, off-road again. We made the construction of stone and wood because we like the “noble” materials, and the rooms have been equipped with forged iron furniture for the same reason.
If you want to enjoy the veritable Romanian atmosphere and food, cooked heartedly and out of respect for you, one small restaurant is available to you, where you will find the home specialties and ecological products, and once you are filled up, you may rest in one of the boarding house villas, each villa having on the upper floor three double rooms with twin beds, their own bathroom and TV set, and a living–room at the ground floor. Thus, if you come in a large group, you will find a total of 16 rooms with 32 vacancies. And if you come for teambuilding, a 32-seat lecture room with a projection screen, homemade pastry buffet (is there any other way?) and hot coffee is waiting for you.

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